Startup time monitoring for Home Assistant

Sometimes you may need to measure the exact time required by Home Assistant to start. This can be especially useful for low-performance Raspberry Pi boards. There is a very good custom component for this made by AlexxIT who is well known as the author of Xiaomi Gateway 3 and SonoffLan components.

The easiest way to secure Home Assistant with HTTPS

30.09.2021: added configuration changes required by Home Assistant version 2021.7 and later (X-Forwarded-For) Motivation If you’ve made up your mind to expose your Home Assistant instance to the wild Internet, which is full of evil hackers, you should take care of the security.

Telegram API Health Check for

Assuming you are using Telegram actively for notifications and to control HA’s appliances, you may want to know as soon as possible if Telegram API is not available and your bot is out of operation. Even if you are not a “happy” citizen of a country who is trying to block access to it.

InfluxDB and Home Assistant (Part 2)

In the long-awaited second part, we will learn how to manually create InfluxDB queries and will use this knowledge to create Continuous Queries which helps us to save disk space for long-term data. On top of that, we will install telegraf agent to gather various system metrics from our network hosts and store them in InfluxDB.